Stainless fine wire

stainless steel fine wire
stainless ultra fine wire

Stainlss fine wire / Stainless steel fine wire

Wire material: 304, 304l, 316, 316l

Spool type: kk80, hk115, hk110, k85 etc ask request

Surface: Bright, soft, hard, matt, electrolysis bright

Wire diameters: 0.016, 0.02, 0.03, 0.035, 0.04, 0.05, 0.12, 0.16, 0.18, 0.2, 0.23, 0.25 mm special request can be make as your request

Stainless steel wire features: Stainless steel microfilaments have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal stability in an oxidizing atmosphere. Used in textiles, it has better shielding, anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-radiation ability, its superior performance

Usage: Stainless steel microfilaments are widely used in textile, aerospace, military, pharmaceutical, biochemical, modern industrial, modern civil, petrochemical and other industries. Due to the high scientific and technological content of stainless steel microfilaments, and has a broad market prospects. Widely used in stainless steel wire mesh weaving, stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel hose, stainless steel binding line and other industries

Packing requirements: stainless steel wire coiled or closed with a mandrel, delivered in wooden box or tray.