Cooper wire

cooper wire

Cooper wire / Cooper fine wire / Copper microfilament

Textile use copper fine wire is a special type of copper wire. Because it is suitable for textile, it is called copper wire for textile. 

The copper wire for textile can be divided into brass wire (65% copper content) and phosphor bronze wire according to different element content. (copper content 85%-95% tin containing 5%-15%), copper wire (copper content 99.8%), of which phosphorus copper wire is the most widely used in the textile industry, phosphorus copper is phosphorus, tin, copper and other elements The alloy has the softness of chemical fiber, synthetic fiber and its products, and has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance of phosphor bronze itself. 

Different materials of copper wire, the ultimate drawing wire diameter is not the same, for example, the most thin copper wire can be drawn to 0.030mm, while the brass wire can only be pulled to 0.05mm. 

In addition, the copper materials of different materials have different physical properties such as color, tensile strength, elongation, and electrical conductivity, so they cannot be mixed. And different textile equipment (spraying water, jet, double twister, rapier machine, round machine, etc.), different textile products (composite yarn, bare woven fabric, bare woven wool, socks, etc.) The quality of copper wire is also different.

 Customers must thoroughly understand and combine their own needs and usage to select the right copper wire before purchasing.

The wire diameter of textile copper wire is generally within the range of 0.030mm-0.068mm.

The copper wire fabric is beautiful and unique, the hand feels smooth and soft, the color is bright and bright, and the shiny and noble metal has a special luster, and has a very good anti-light effect, which is more obvious under the sunlight and the light. The high modulus of elasticity unique to textile copper wire gives the wire fabric a unique memory and wrinkle effect, with a wrinkle feeling. 

In the design of high-end clothing, the application of textile copper wire is considered to be the crowning touch. The healthy concept of lively color, bright luster, anti-radiation and anti-static is destined to be the darling of the future fashion market. At the same time, the unique environmental protection and reusability of textile copper wire greatly enhances its use value in social production and life.

The copper wire for textile has good antibacterial properties, and its antibacterial effect is obvious and long lasting. As the copper content increases, the antibacterial properties, strength, hardness and plastic toughness of the yarn increase accordingly. Because metal ion is very strong, textile copper wire textile fabric can release 5000-8000 negative ions per square centimeter. According to medical examination, textile copper wire products can inhibit a variety of strains, and the antibacterial effect is satisfactory.