Conductive blended yarn

Conductive yarn

Conductive blended yarn

Conductive yarn

Conductive yarn also named conductive blended yarn main materials:

Contains stainless steel fiber blended with various chemical fibers, cotton and viscose fibers.

Conductive blended yarn type:

1. Anti-static

It is made of 0.5%~5% stainless steel fiber and various chemical fiber, cotton, and viscose fiber. It is used for static protection of human body and equipment under flammable and explosive environment.

The antistatic performance of fabric made of antistatic conductive blended yarn is effective for a long time, is not affected by the working environment, and has excellent antistatic properties even under low temperature (dry) conditions. There are no special requirements for washing conditions, and it can be washed according to ordinary work clothes. After repeated washing for a long time, it still maintains good antistatic performance. The color is complete, the texture is firm, the perspiration resistance is good, the wearing is comfortable, and the taking performance is good.

2. Anti-electromagnetic radiation

It is composed of 10%~100% stainless steel fiber, and the blended materials are chemical fiber, cotton and viscose fiber. Used for electromagnetic shielding of human body and equipment. The shielding efficiency is 20~70 decibels, which is equivalent to 10,000 times to 100,000 times of energy attenuation, that is, the transmission is only one hundredth to one hundred thousandth of the incident amount.

The fabric made of anti-electromagnetic radiation conductive blended yarn not only has better electromagnetic wave shielding performance, but also has better taking performance. The fabric is light, soft, breathable, firm, durable, comfortable to wear, easy to process, and uses ordinary sewing machine and sewing thread. Processing stitching is possible. The washing method is convenient, the washing method is the same as that of the ordinary fabric, and the shielding performance is unchanged after repeated washing.


Conductive  yarn usage:

Used in the fields of anti-static and anti-electromagnetic radiation


Conductive blended yarn technical parameters

No.Stainless steel fiber content(%)Usage
210~30General shielding
330~50High-voltage live working clothes
450~100High shielding