Demister pad

Mesh Mist Eliminator

Demister pad

Mist eliminators are separation devices, used throughout all kinds of process industries, to remove liquid droplets from gas and/or vapor streams. The most commonly used type is the knitted wire mesh mist eliminator, as it has no moving parts and requires a little (if any) or no maintenance. 

Benefits: Knitted wire mesh mist eliminator has higher separation efficiency, increased capacity, reducing the loss of valuable chemicals, preventing (air) pollution and other features.

Knitted wire mesh mist eliminators can be supplied with rigid support grids, which allow direct installation onto appropriate supports such as beams and rings within the vessel. Sectional installation allows ease of handling and access through vesse.

Knitted wire mesh demisters are made slightly oversized and are to be compressed at their rim surface when installed, to fit snugly into the vessel.

Each mist eliminator is manufactured to suit the dimensions of the vessel or housing into which it will be installed.Our wire mesh demisters are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes.