Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers

knitting wire mesh muffler

1. Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers Features: Long service life; Cost effective; High separation efficiencies

2. Materials Applied: Knitted wire mesh in stainless steel, brass or other metals.

Using Golden Knitted Wire Mesh Packing Muffler ensures a long service life.

Knitted wire mesh mufflers are mainly used for automobiles. Being reliable and cost effective, knitted wire mufflers is ideal for low-temperature gasoline and diesel underbody systems. Generally, these engines do not produce enough heat to fully expand mat support systems

Knitted wire mesh makes ideal muffler making materials. Its unique dimensional structures provide exceptionally efficient absorption of high-energy sound. Beyond acting as a physical barrier, mesh also causes sound to vibrate as it imparts the wire surface, thereby converting sound to thermal energy, effectively dampening, absorbing, and dissipating equipment and plant-generated noise through an intricate path between a sound source and the ear.